Trial Sail

To encourage people, both helms and crews, to join our club and class we can arrange for you to experience a Flying Fifteen first hand with a free trial sail with one of our fleet members. Plus at weekends there will be other ff members for you to drink and talk FF’s with.

If the trial sail goes well for you and you want to join the fleet at Burton, we strongly suggest crewing for some of our regular sailors. The FF class is subject to tight design rules but the detail of the controls varies a lot.  Also some have a spinnaker chute while others use bags and there are several options for handling spinnakers.  You really do need to know what you want before you buy your own.

If you choose to join our club, you can learn more about Flying Fifteens by renting a club boat (for a small nominal fee to cover insurance etc) and racing it; stay on for post racing discussion in the lounge with the sailors you have just raced against.  You may be surprised that everyone will share tips and tricks to make you go faster, as both on and off the water we are a very friendly bunch!!

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